How to Use Anchor Screws

What Are Anchor Screws?

They are used in order to hand an object that has lightweight or maybe a semi-heavy weight on the wall. Objects like a large picture or maybe a mirror are used to hang on the wall with the help of this anchor screws.

The screw allows you to hang this sort of items virtually anywhere without the need of any stud in order to drive the screw into. Apart from this they also possess other advantages like flexibility.

Installation of the Anchor Screws


Be Accurate With the Weight

In most of the familiar cases of the anchor screws, it is the installer who is responsible for the fault. He did not measure the weight of the object to be changed correctly. It is your duty to determine the weight if the object that you want to hang and buy the anchor screws accordingly. While seeking for this sort screws the label on the box indicates the maximum weight that the screw will support.

Frankly speaking, objects and pictures that posses weight of about 15 pounds or less can easily be hung with the help of sleeve anchors and plastic screws. However, when you consider hanging a mirror or heavy object you must opt for sturdiest screws.

Buy Good One Instead Of Included and Sleeves Screws

You will get to notice that most of the products are sold with screws as well as sleeves that already exist in the pack. It recommended hanging the medium and heavy objects using the toggle bolts. If the object that you want to hang is precious enough then go for heavy duty wall screws.

Usage If Cordless Drill

It is advisable to use a best cordless drill in order to complete a job in a hassle-free manner. Involving nail in this work will make your work more troublesome however the cordless drill will make the sufficient space for your anchor sleeve.

Make the Hole Smaller Than You Predicted To Be

One thing you must ensure that the bit of the cordless drill must be chosen smaller than closed end of the anchor. If it is very big then anchor may not fit inside the hole. Do not forget to brush out the dust from that particular area that you drilled.

If you are using the toggle anchor then thread it on screw leaving one-fourth inches from the end and then push it goes into the wall and you will notice that it will make a sound. To make the screw tight until it gets snagged, make sure that you do not over tighten it.

Removing Them


Removal of Screws and Plastic Sleeves

  • Turn the screw out and discard it
  • Tweak the end of the sleeve using flat head screwdriver
  • Pull it out

Removal of Toggle Anchor

Removing the toggle anchor is difficult and it will surely make tour drywall damage to some extent

  • Place a large screwdriver at the anchor end.
  • With the help of a hammer gently tap till the anchor sinks below the area of the wall. However, there is no need to go far.

Cover it with the help of space or drywall compounds.

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