How to Replace a Doorbell Button?

It gets said that if you have to impress someone, you have to do it on the first go. As a property owner, you must be aspiring that the guests, visiting your property, appreciates the show of the place. This requires you to be perfect upon the smallest details of the property. For instance, if you don’t have a doorbell installed in the entryway, you have to arrange for installing doorbell button, or, in case, the existing unit is not working properly, you will have to go for the doorbell push-button replacement. Paragraphs underneath shall guide you how to install doorbell button or complete the replacement of these units.

Tools and Materials that you will need to have

Before you start the actual process, you will require having some necessary tools and materials. For instance, you will require the Screwdriver, Voltage detector, Needle-Nose pliers, Caulking Gun, Doorbell button, Drilling machine, and wires. Remember, having the right resources and materials is very important as you will not be able to execute the needful unless having these resources.

Once you collate the necessary resources, you can get started with the needful operation. Having these materials and tools, you will be able to complete the needful in the perfect manner and within the shortest time.

Step-by-step guide for  installing doorbell button

  • Step 1: The process starts with you putting off the power supply from the fuse box or the circuit breaker. You can confirm that the power supply has truly gone off, through some simple steps. You should try, ringing the doorbell and if you find that the doorbell gets illuminated, check, if the light is glowing. You can use the Voltage detector for testing the wires to confirm that the power supply gas went off completely.
  • Step 2: Once it is confirmed that the power supply has gone off, you require removing the existing doorbell that you can do, using the screwdriver. You will find 2 wires being connected to the 2 screw terminals of the doorbell.
  • Step 3: at this step, you will have to eliminate the wires from the existing doorbell and you can easily loosen the screws and the connected wires. The wire connecting the doorbell with the transformer usually comes in different colors.
  • Step 4: Considering the shape and the design of the existing bell, it is likely that the screws for the upcoming bell will not come in the same slot as the existing ones. In case the trimming under the old bell involves the use of wood, you may patch the holes of the screws with fillers made with wood and paint it again. However, if the underlying is made with Vinyl, you need to plug the existing screws with the Caulk bead for preventing the seeping moisture beyond the trim.

Once the previous step has been rightly done, you need to connect the new Doorbell and you can use the Needle-nose pliers for connecting the smaller wires. After you wrap the wire around the screws, the screws, lying along the sides of the bell need to be tightened to ensure that the wires have been firmly connected to the screws.

After completing all the steps discussed above, you can restore back the power supply for checking if the bell functions properly. If not, it might be an indication that some mistakes and flaws have been committed across some of the steps. If you have some knowledge about the electric circuits and the necessary resources and tools, you can complete the steps yourself, and hence you will not have to incur the expenses for availing the services by the professional providers.

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