How to install a garden fence

Building a fence around your home is very essential if you haven’t done so already because it gives you that nice sense of privacy so that you can roam around in your garden freely without worrying about onlookers or nosy neighbors that may make you too self-conscious about heading out and working in your own garden. There is a great satisfaction in learning how to fit a fence around your garden on your own.

The Materials You’ll Need for Learning How to Fit a Fence Post


  • Strings
  • Paint (to paint fence posts if needed)
  • Pencil or pen for marking
  • A measuring tape
  • A shovel or small spade for digging and levelling


  • Fence posts of your choosing
  • Wooden pegs
  • Cement or concrete mix

Steps on How to Erect Fence

Follow the given steps for flawlessly erecting a fence post:

Step 1

Before starting on erecting a fence post, you need to demarcate the boundaries surrounding your yard so you know exactly where you will be erecting the fence posts and how spread out and straight do you want them to be. This step is also very important because you don’t want to accidentally install a fence that extends beyond your designated property boundaries, so it’s better to make sure to be precise here and err on the side of caution.

Step 2

Next step in erecting a fence post is to put down wooden pegs or stakes into each corner of your demarcated boundary line where you wish to install a fence post on. This will help guide you where to install the posts. Tie a string around the entire demarcated area from peg to peg to create a visual boundary where your fence will go.

Step 3

Now that you have your string boundary set up, it’s time to start digging holes along the boundary to set the fence posts in. Use a shovel or a spade to start digging around 6-10 deep holes in the soil depending on the conditions of your soil and the weight of your fence.

Step 4

Now take some instant concrete mix or cement and start pouring it into the holes you’ve dug, one by one. After pouring in the cement or concrete, start putting your fence posts into the holes and set them in. After you’ve set the fences in, pour in dirt and gravel.

Step 5

Use supporting beams to set the fence into the cement while it dries to ensure a straight standing fence post. This is very essential for correctly and straightly erecting a fence post.

Step 6

Finally, once you’re done with all the construction steps of erecting a fence post, you can now work on adding the finishing touches to your fence post boundary. Finish the fences off with a coat of paint and varnish to keep them looking shiny.

Helpful Tip to Remember

Always remember when working with large and heavy building equipment to use safety measures such as safety goggles and helmets in possible to prevent any injuries.

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