How to choose the Best Reverse-Osmosis System for Your Home

Water is essential and it is clear that for overall good health, there is a need for pure and clean water. Water varies with each geographic area and water has contaminants. Thus it is a matter of concern to drinking safe water to stay healthy. The only answer is reverse osmosis water filter. Before indulging in purchasing one, know few key things about the water filter.

Types of Reverse-Osmosis Systems

The reverse osmosis system is in two options: countertop and under counter models.


These are one of the types of reverse osmosis systems designed to be positioned on the ground or countertop. They are freestanding systems designed as compact without taking much counter space in your kitchen and you also need not worry regarding the installation process.

Under counter

This is mostly fit under the sink. These are easy to use after installation as you need to turn only the faucet. Installing is difficult and there is a need for professional assistance. It filters water quickly even large quantities and is convenient.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Reverse-Osmosis System

The RO water system market is large and so acquiring one suitable to your requirement and budget. The factors to consider when buying a reverse-osmosis system:

  • Cost: The price range is from $150 to more than $1000. Mostly they are in $250 to $500. The expensive ones come with extra features such as filter more water at once and add valuable nutrients as well.
  • Size: Buy an RO of any option suitable to your requirement. For limited counter space, consider under counter, but if the counter is clutter-free consider on the counter. Measure the available space, check dimensions and see how to install properly.
  • Water Amount: How much it can filter must be considered. The standard sizes are 50, 80 and 100 gallons. 50-gallon system is enough for small households
  • Effectiveness: The filters are in more numbers and ensure removing water particles.  Consider buying the one with five or six stages, but extra stages are worth investing.
  • Installation and Ease of use: Call a professional to install, especially the under counter option. The reverse-osmosis systems are easy to use, but checking the filter regularly is a must and it should be replaced or cleaned often. To last for a longer time, there is a need for regular maintenance.
  • Lifespan: The reverse-osmosis systems come with lifetime warranties, get one with the solid warranty.

Popular Brands for Reverse-Osmosis Systems

The final consideration is in searching for a brand reputation. A top quality brand will perform better and last longer is widely accepted. Popular brands for reverse osmosis systems include:

  • AquaPure has positive customer reviews for easy installation and tasty water.
  • Brondell is well known for selling the under counter RO, it is easy to install and is a solid buy, is customers reviews.
  • Global Water has earned mixed customer reviews that some models installation is tough, but the filters work well.
  • Hydrotech has happy reviews from customers about easy installation, tasty water and works well. Some say it is leaky or noisy.

PurePro has under counter systems and have positive customer reviews of being compact, tasty water and easy installation.

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