How to Build Steps for Your Garden

Adding a few steps into your garden can not only be practically useful, but it also adds that nice homey touch to your garden and it is actually pretty easy to do. If you already have a slope or gradient in the base of your garden, building steps into it is a very easy task with little effort, because your ground already has the layout for the gradient. All you need is a few essential materials and to follow a step by step guide and you can easily make your very own DIY garden steps design!

The Materials You Will Need to Build Garden Steps

You don’t need a lot of materials for building steps into your garden, just a very few basic building and constructing essentials. Following is a list of the basic materials you’ll need for building garden steps:


  • A shovel
  • Hammer
  • A Knife
  • A pencil or pen for marking (you can use a chalk or a sharpie too, if you prefer)
  • A measuring tape (a very obvious and important tool you’ll be needing for any sort of construction job)
  • Some strings (to mark the slope or gradient)
  • A saw (if you’re building steps with wooden frames)
  • Safety gear (eye protection goggles)


  • Gravel, concrete or mortar
  • Some bricks

Staircase Algorithm and Helpful Tips

By following these instructions you can easily learn how to make garden steps:


Identify the slope or gradient in your garden

The first step in learning how to make garden stairs is to find out which are in the garden has the steepest slope or gradient in the ground and which are is the most optimum for putting in steps.

Measure the area where you want to build garden steps

Now use the strings in your materials to roughly measure how big the area is which you’ll be covering the stairs with.

Marking the area

Now use the same strings and attach them along the length of the slope as a mark to help guide you. Now divide this marked area according to the number of steps you’ll be building into it. Put lines on each step marking to make it visible.

Digging and laying foundation

After marking the areas, dig out the ground from all the spots where you’ve marked the steps. Level the dug area and pour the concrete into it. Wait for the concrete to harden over 2-3 days.

Laying bricks

This is the final step where you start laying bricks into each level and fill it with gravel and then simply put mortar on top of each one. Repeat these steps until you have a full stairway.

A helpful tip on how to make garden steps

An important tip to keep in mind when building garden steps is to start working from the top of the steps instead of the bottom, and then keep working your way down. You can prevent errors this way.

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