How to Build a Garden Room or Outbuilding

What is a Garden Room or Outbuilding for?

A garden outbuilding or room is a great way to bring the indoors into the outdoors. It combines the comfort of the inside of a house with the feel of the outside of the garden. Not only are they great as a resting place during breaks for when you are busy working in the garden, but they also make great relaxation spots for when you want to get the light and air of the outside without having to sit in the actual extreme temperatures of the outdoors, whether it is hot or cold. They also give you that much-needed privacy for those days and moments when you want to get away from everyone else and enjoy some solitude away from the house without going too far from the house.

Once you learn how to build a room outside, you can easily make your very own personalized garden outbuilding that fits exactly all of your needs and make into your very own custom space. A garden outbuilding is also great if your property is spread over a relatively large space and you would like to avoid walking to and back from your house to your garden over and over again. Having a room in the garden right within your reach can minimize those needless trips to your home and back into the garden while working on a project in the garden. Apart from personal use, a garden outbuilding is also great as a shed simply for storing extra clutter or even garden related tools and equipment conveniently outdoors.


Location and Size

A basic thing to know about how to build garden room outside is to map out its location and size. The location where you want to place your garden room at depends entirely on how you plan on using the garden room. If you want to use a garden room for keeping plants, or if you want a room that you can connect the basic home utilities with, then you might want to consider placing it close to your actual main house instead of too far away. If your garden room is close to your house, you can easily extend the utility lines from your home to your shed without it costing you too much extra money.

If however, your main purpose for having a garden outbuilding is to store garden related tools and equipment or other things that you won’t be needing to access very often, it is better to place the garden room close to the entrance of your driveway to make for easy loading and unloading of materials and storage items. If you want utilities in your garden room, but at the same time you want it to be away from the main home to use for relaxation and unwinding then it’s best to make it a bit far from the main house but close enough to utility lines.


Design Garden Room or Outbuilding

There are so many outbuilding ideas for you to choose from when designing your outbuilding. Start jotting down your garden building ideas by keeping in mind the overall height, entrance ways, the size of the doors and the windows. Garden buildings usually should be designed with large windows to let in plenty of light and to give that outdoor view. The doors should be designed by keeping in mind to make them easily accessible from the outside and inside. Make the windows smaller if you plan on resting and working in the garden room, because of light.

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