How to Build a Firewood Storage Shed

For those who use a lot of firewood, building firewood storage is a stark necessity. Some might argue that firewood can be stored in a container indoors or outdoors by covering it with plastic or tarp. But that is a very impractical way for storing wood for the fire, especially if you use a lot of wood and store a big stack of it for later prolonged use. Wood can easily rot if you won’t store it properly or get moist, and at that point, it becomes useless to light a fire on it, it will never work properly. This is why it is very important to learn how to build firewood storage and keep your wood stored safely and in a dry spot without having to worry about anything happening to it.

There are many chances of degradation of the firewood due to the outer environmental conditions. It is required to have a precise control over these conditions and also plan the Firewood shed in the location which is not affecting us in any manner. This is mainly because there are chances of growth of insects and mice in the regions where you have placed firewood.

One should consider building a storage shed which will be useful for them to have the firewood safe and sound with minimum degradation. These shades are to be prepared according to a specific layout which will help in proper storage of the firewood at the desired location. It will require following a specific procedure for preparing the firewood shed.

Materials and Equipment You Need to Build Firewood Storage

Before getting started on learning how to build a firewood storage shed, you’ll need some important materials to get going with. For good work choose the best wood router, saw for cutting wood, power drill, and other effective tools for work.


  • A saw for cutting wood
  • Measuring tape (a building tool essential)
  • A drilling machine, wood router
  • Leveler


  • Wooden board for framing the shed
  • Wooden planks to build a firewood storage rack

Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Firewood Shed

By following these easy steps, not only will you learn how to build a firewood storage shed but also how to make a firewood storage rack:

Step 1

The very first step in learning to build a firewood shed for storing your wood for the fire is to start by building a frame for the shed. To make a frame for your firewood shed you need to start by measuring how tall and wide you want your shed to be. This depends on many factors which you yourself have to decide based on your needs and requirements. If you have a lot of space in your yard, and if you need a space that can store a lot of firewood then making a bigger firewood shed would work best for you, for this, you’ll need really large wooden boards. But if you have less space in the yard and if you don’t need to store that much wood in the shed, then building a smaller firewood shed would be better for you, for which you will need smaller wooden boards and planks, so measure and cut accordingly.

Building the Side Panels: The first and foremost thing which will be required is building the side panels of the firewood shed. This is required as it will be required while assembling the complete shed. One can do this by performing the crosscutting the cedar slats and side supports over the length which is desired. From the supports provided on each side, top one needs to be shorter than the one used over the bottom side. It will be beneficial in providing the desired clearance for affixing the beam at its desired location. Now you should notch the posts for receiving the beam and smoothen its face with a rasp. Use cross supports for the purpose of assembling the walls.

After you’re done building the frame, start attaching the wall panels to the frame to create a complete room-like enclosure that will make up the inside of your shed for storing firewood. Start attaching the walls from the back end and work your way to the sides and forward, leaving the front side open. The last step is to cut the boards lengthwise to attach to the top of your shed to make up the roof. Once you nail in the roof of your shed, it is complete for storing firewood!

Step 2

Once you’ve measured all your wooden boards and planks, cut them accordingly and lay them out according to your building plan and keep in mind the dimension and the layout of the firewood shed. Set up all the wooden boards you’ve measured and cut according to your desired height and width in a frame form, and drill holes into the spots where you’ll be joining them together from. Assemble to the whole frame and install screws to secure it and make it sturdy.

Set the footings and raise the wall: Now provide the required footings which can provide support to the wall to be lifted. This help to build the required structure quite quickly and without suffering from any kind of hindrance. One can set the corner piers for bringing them in alignment with the string line.

Step 3

Add Joints, Beams, and Posts: Measure the distance which is existing between the walls. It will help in crosscutting the long joists and further bolting them to the posts. One can also measure the height from the center piers over the respective beams which are created which will be helping in getting the position which is desired for the case of shoulder cut over the center posts.

Step 4

Add Rafters: You can do this by means of making the pattern which is desired and which is best for the hand. It will be useful for the case of marking the angled plumb cuts which will be performed over the top and bottom of the rafter and also over the position of the bird’s mouth cuts. Now you can clamp the rafter over the position of the top of the beams. It is also possible to use the respective tools which can help you to perform the respective markings and cut down the rafters. Mark the position of the rafters and then position it in its place.

Step 5

Install the roof and add firewood: Now install the steel roof in its place with the rubber gasket provided below the same. Use 18-volt drill to insert the screws in installing the roof in its place. Once this complete process is done then stacks the pile of firewood in a clean stacking manner so that it can be stored securely at its place for a long period of time.

Thus, we can say that it is required to have firewood shed for keeping your firewood safe and secure. It will help you to stay safe from the problems of insects and also keep your firewood fresh to be burned without causing any of the problems.

Helpful Tip

Remember to get your measurements right, and create the walls of the shed to be tight enough to keep any moisture out from coming in.

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