How to Build a Dog House

Every dog owner comes to point in their ownership of their dog pet where they feel the requirement in learning how to build a doghouse. All dog owners know that although dogs can be trained to be very well behaved when they are let indoors, sometimes your dog needs time out of the house for many reasons. They could be let out to allow some space for you to do some important work, or they could be let out when they get extra hyper active and excited, even when you plan on working in the house with a pesticide or some paint or varnish that you know will expose your pup to harmful fumes which he should not be exposed to. Building a doghouse can be a great little treat for both you and your dog to get some quite time and solitude.

Tools and Materials Necessary to Build a Doghouse

Listed below are some important to keep handy to build doghouse:


  • Screwdriver and some screws
  • A saw to cut the panels
  • Paint brush


  • Dark colored wood for the roof to keep the sun out and keep the dog house cool
  • Wood panels
  • Paint of your chosen color
  • Roofing paper (for insulation)
  • Dog blanket or carpet for the inside floor
  • Duct tape
  • Glue
  • Accessories to decorate the dog house (like a name plat, hanging etc.)

Step by Step Guide on How to Build Doghouse


Building the Base of the Dog House

Building a base is the first step you need to accomplish to build your own doghouse. There are many things you need to keep in mind when beginning to build a base for your dog house. Each dog is different in terms of what they like, all dogs have their own unique needs. Outline and write all the needs and preferences your dog has for his resting spots. The most basic and important things, however, are the basics that every dog requires, these are the factors you need to begin building a base in mind with. These factors are to keep the base of your dog house dry and insulated so that it doesn’t get too hot or too cold during extreme temperatures and that it especially doesn’t get wet or moist during humid temperatures which can be bad for your pup. For the base, bring together a frame of the floor boards and nail them together.

Building the Walls

The second step to building a doghouse is to install the walls, and the same princicples about your dog’s preferences apply here as in the base. Make sure the wood you use to make up the walls of your dog house are properly insulated and strong and sturdy enough to keep out extreme weather conditions. Attach the panels using 3” galvanized screws to the side of the frame.

Making the Roof

The last and final step to building a doghouse is to make the roof. Before you being, you need to decide whether you want a slope roof or a triangular roof. Then place the roof panels on top of your dog house frame and secure them with 1-1/4 inch galvanized screws from each corner, and your own dog house is complete!

Helpful Tips

  • You can make your dog house bigger than normal, even if your dog is small. This ensures enough space for your canine friend to rest and play in.
  • Remember to make the door of the dog house big enough so that it is easily accessible by you or your other family members. This is important because it will allow you and your family to easily go inside in case of any emergencies with your dog, such as if he might get sick or injured. The bigger door will also help in cleaning out because you can easily get your hand in there and clean around and also restore any things your dog might have hidden inside his little dog house.

Remember to smooth out the edges of the walls, roof and the door of your dog house properly to prevent any kind of accidental bump or injury to your dog. It’s best to buff it out.

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